Tutorial Smartreader v2 and OSCAM

1) download smargo tool from argolis.com


for linux (need libc >= 2.15)
2) extract the zip, set chmod 755 to smartreader2tool and smartreader2update
3) attach the smartreader v2, without smartcard, to an usb port.
4) launch smartreader2update, it should update your smargo (i think is mandatory cause smartreader2tool detect the smargo only after this update, no idea why)
5) launch smartreader2tool, you should see all the config
6) launch smartreader2tool, with parameter -n. (./smartreader2tool -n AERTY675), where AERTY675 is the new serial of smargo (random). it should be a 8 character name. (by default smartreader2 doesn’t have serial)
7) if you need to change other parameter see ./smartreader2tool -h
8) exit terminal, go to oscam webif, readers, scan usb, and check your reader is online wit your new serial (like that)
Bus 003 Device 009: ID 0403:6001 Future Technology Devices International, Ltd FT232 USB-Serial (UART) IC
iProduct 2 Smartreader2 plus
iSerial 3 AERTY675
9) in oscam.server, set your reader with protocol smartreader, and device SRv2;Serial:AERTY675, where AER.. is your smartreader2 serial, (like that)
protocol = smartreader
device = SRv2;Serial:AERTY675

Hope it may help you 🙂

Happy reading

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