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Tutorial: Updating Oscam to latest SVN โ€“ Ubuntu with Simplebuild

All credit to Gorgone @ oscam streamboard for this great Script

Using putty or similar, Log into your Server as root user

cd /opt
mkdir simplebuild
cd simplebuild
chmod 777 simplebuild
./simplebuild debinstall
./simplebuild menu

Note1: If this is your first time to run simplebuild script, the latest version of oscam SVN will be checked out to your local server
Note2: If you have previously run simplebuild script, you will be asked do you want to check out latest version or continue with the version present on your server!

Select Continue with local: (current revision)
From the Toolchain Menu Select Native: For your machine
Select Configure hit Return
Here you have the main configure menu, The only options we will be interested in are Modules & Features
In the MODULES category we have Add-ons, Protocols, Readers, Cardreaders & Save
Select Add-ons and hit Return
We can leave all these at default (Unless you require aditional Add-ons)
Hit Return to go back to the main MODULES Menu
Select Protocols, We can also leave all these at default (Unless you require aditional Protocols)
Hit Return to go back to the main MODULES Menu
Select Readers, All readers are selected by default
Hit Return to go back to the main MODULES Menu
Now Select CardReaders, All CardReaders are selected by default
Hit Return to go back to the main MODULES Menu
Select Save to exit back to the main Configure Menu
Select Features from the Main Configure menu
Hit Return
Using the space bar, Select the devices you want to enable
For Smargo we will need to enable USB (Support for USB Devices)
For Omnikey we will need to enable PCSC (Support for PCSC Readers)
and so on. I use an Omnikey so the only feature I enable is PCSC.
Hit Return to go back to the main Configure Menu
Hit Return to go back to the main Build Options Menu.
Select Build and hit Return to Build preconfigured Oscam now.
You should get this page confirming that oscam has been created.
Select Save and hit Return to go back to the main Build Options Menu.
Select Exit to Exit the Simplebuild script and return to terminal.

Replacing old oscam with newly compiled oscam

cp /opt/simplebuild/archiv/* /usr/local/bin/
mv oscam oscam.old
mv oscam-svn* oscam

restart service

killall -9 oscam
/usr/local/bin/oscam -b

Tutorial Smartreader v2 and OSCAM

1) download smargo tool from

for linux (need libc >= 2.15)
2) extract the zip, set chmod 755 to smartreader2tool and smartreader2update
3) attach the smartreader v2, without smartcard, to an usb port.
4) launch smartreader2update, it should update your smargo (i think is mandatory cause smartreader2tool detect the smargo only after this update, no idea why)
5) launch smartreader2tool, you should see all the config
6) launch smartreader2tool, with parameter -n. (./smartreader2tool -n AERTY675), where AERTY675 is the new serial of smargo (random). it should be a 8 character name. (by default smartreader2 doesnโ€™t have serial)
7) if you need to change other parameter see ./smartreader2tool -h
8) exit terminal, go to oscam webif, readers, scan usb, and check your reader is online wit your new serial (like that)
Bus 003 Device 009: ID 0403:6001 Future Technology Devices International, Ltd FT232 USB-Serial (UART) IC
iProduct 2 Smartreader2 plus
iSerial 3 AERTY675
9) in oscam.server, set your reader with protocol smartreader, and device SRv2;Serial:AERTY675, where AER.. is your smartreader2 serial, (like that)
protocol = smartreader
device = SRv2;Serial:AERTY675

Hope it may help you ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy reading

Install freetds di server centos

Pada defaultnya extension PHP MSSQL belum diaktifkan, untuk mengaktifkannya kita harus mengkompilenya secara manual.
terdapat beberapa depedency library yang harus di instal agar extension tersebut dapat diaktifkan.

depedency itu adalah
a) txt2man
b) unixODBC
c) freeTDS
d) PHP

secara default ketika kita mau menginstall txt2man menggunakan yum dikatakan bahwa paket tidak tersedia, sehingga kita harus menambahkan repositori untuk paket txt2man nya.

# yum install epel-release
# yum install txt2man
# yum install unixODBC unixODBC-devel
# yum install freetds freetds-devel

pada file config milik freetds (freetds.conf) silahkan sesuaikan IP server, versi MSSQL yang digunakan dan juga tds versi nya, dengan format sesuai dengan berikut

port = 1433
tds version = 8.0

terakhir kita harus mengaktifkan modul mengkompile ulang, extension tersebut terletak di
/home/cpeasyapache/src/php-5.2.14/ext/mssql/ kemudian lakukan beberapa perintah dibawah ini

# cd /home/cpeasyapache/src/php-5.2.14/ext/mssql/
# phpize
# ./configure โ€“with-mssql
# make
# make install

kemudian edit file php.ini dan tambahkan baris berikut didalamnya

# vim /usr/local/lib/php.ini

bila sudah kemudian restart service httpd (apache)

# /etc/init.d/httpd start

atau jika menggunakan cpanel bisa menggunakan perintah

# /scripts/restartsrv_httpd

untuk mengecek apakah sudah berhasil instalasi freetdsnya bisa melakukan perintah

# php -i | grep mssql

sumber :

Tutorial Ubuntu Server + Oscam

Tested & working on : Ubuntu Server 14.04.02 X64

What you will Need:

1.. Any PC (Preferably form Pentium 4 up)
2.. Ubuntu Server 14 (x86 /amd-64-Bit)
3.. Blank DVD
4.. PuTTY
5.. WinSCP
6.. Installation script

Tip: Follow all the steps (including updates & other steps that you might be tempted to skip)

Step 1.. Install Ubuntu Server 14 (x32/x64) on your PC/Server following all the steps below.

1..Select Install Ubuntu Server
2..Then Select your Language Location & Keyboard Layout
3..Select your hostname for your PC (This can be anything you like) e.g. ubuntu
4..Enter your Full Name
5..Type your username (First name by default)
   Then Type your password & Re-Type your password
6..Select <NO> for Encrypt your home Directory Partitioning Method, Select <Use Entire Disk> 
8..Select your Disk & Hit return
9..Select <Yes> under Write the changes to disks
10..Just Hit return on this screen if you dont use HTTP proxy
11..Select <No automatic updates>
12..Only select OpenSSH server by pressing the spacebar then hit return.
    All the software needed will be installed with the autoscript.
13..Select <Yes> to install GRUB to the master boot record...
14..Remove the CD & click continue to reboot the Server
    Thats it, your now finished the Ubuntu Install..
15.. Create root password : sudo passwd root
     Enter your password
     Then Enter your new root password
      Enter your new root password again to confirm

Step 2.. Install oscam autoscript.

1..Download install package & Extract the zip to your desktop
2..Log into your server through WinSCP as Root User
3..Copy & oscam_install_package folder to tmp folder
4..Log into your server through putty as Root User
5..chmod the Script with this command : chmod 755 /tmp/
6..Run the Script with this command : /tmp/
   The Script reboots the machine.

When the Server boots up:
You can check your oscam Webif page by typing your server ip & oscam webif port no. (192.168.*.*:8888) in the address bar of your browser.
Username: admin
Password: admin

Note :
To work properly in Ubuntu server 14.04.2 you must edit file in part :

####Instal Packages###
echo "${txtred}Step 7 ${txtrst}"
echo "${txtgreen}installing the software needed for oscam server ${txtrst}"
sleep 2
yes | apt-get update
sleep 2
yes | apt-get install openssl openssh-server
sleep 2
yes | apt-get install libssl-dev libpcsclite1 libpcsclite-dev
sleep 2
yes | apt-get install pcscd pcsc-tools

edit become :

echo "${txtred}Step 7 ${txtrst}"
echo "${txtgreen}installing the software needed for oscam server ${txtrst}"
sleep 2
yes | apt-get update
sleep 2
apt-get install -y openssl openssh-server
sleep 2
apt-get install -y libssl-dev libpcsclite1 libpcsclite-dev
sleep 2
apt-get install -y pcscd pcsc-tools

Now all you have to do Is edit your oscam configs to suit your setup & card readers.

Good Luck & Enjoy

source :

Instal mtr di freebsd

untuk install mtr di freebsd melalui port secara default akan menggunakan konfigurasi berbasiskan gui, hal ini menyebabkan pada proses penginstalan akan berjalan sangat lama dikarenakan depedensi yang sangat banyak. saat menginstall juga kita tidak bisa merubah konfigurasi menggunakan make config karena konfigurasinya sudah default dan tidak bisa dirubah.
setelah mencari2 di internet saya baru mendapat info bahwa untuk menginstall mtr di freebsd melalui port langsung aja gunakan command :

make WITHOUT_X11=1 install

dengan perintah tersebut maka akan terinstall mtr versi tanpa x11, yaitu mtr-nox11-0.80

Menggunakan Mirror Lokal di IIX/Inherent

hari ini link internasional di kantorku mati padahal aku harus menginstall server,akhirnya dengan sedikit merubah file /etc/make.conf penginstalan bisa berjalan dengan menggunakan source dari mirror lokal yang ada di link inherent. untuk itu edit file /etc/make.conf trus tambahin baris


Copy directory/folder antar server

Untuk mengcopy folder beserta isinya

scp -r user@my-server:/home/user/Documents Documents

[Tips] menghapus bersih aplikasi yg sdh teruninstall di “my world” bb app. world

buat yg blm tau aja!!! n sekedar share!!!

slama ini ane sering install aplikasi2 via bb app. world n sering uninstall jg aplikasi2 yang kaga berguna setelah mencb… tp mslhnya tiap kl uda d uninstall, di list (my world) sepertinya msh menyisakan bekas meski uda di reboot berkali2, alias msh ada tulisan aplikasi itu meski tlsannya unistall… pengen di delete tp kaga ada optionnya… smpt bkn bete krn listnya tmbh bnyk aja… so ane search d web n nemu cr gmana menghapusnya….

buka bb app. world, di home screennya tkn : Alt + R S T – setelah 1-2 detik bb app. world bakal close secara otomatis

Cara Release dan Register PIN + IMEI di

sempet bingung waktu baru beli BB. Ini BB harus diapain dulu sebelum dipake ๐Ÿ™‚ trus nyari2 tutorial buat mengaktifkan fasilitas BB trus browsing2 ketemu tutorial utk register pin dan imei agar bisa dihubungkan dengan network.

cara register BB ke network operatornya (otomatis release dari operator sebelumnya) :

1. masukkan kartu baru

2. aktifkan BIS nya

3. register HRT nya ( option – advanced option – host routing table – pilih yg pertama – klik tombol BB – register – keluar – tunggu notifikasi di BB )

Continue reading Cara Release dan Register PIN + IMEI di